Black Leather Journal Gift

Vintage-style, handmade real leather notebook / journal {Gift / Refillable Paper}

 Give a gift that keeps giving. With this gift pack you get the Wander journal, paper to refill the journal, leather string to rethread your journal and a cotton gift bag that nicely fits everything.  The lucky recipient will continue to get the look and feel of something that is as well traveled as your passport. A stylish way to record ideas, plans, dreams as you're making them happen.

This journal is genuine leather and burnishes and beautifies with use.

 Available in:

Black leather

300 sheet / 150 pages

80gsm paper weight

5’’ x 7’’

 Gift packet includes:

  • Cotton gift bag
  • Leather journal
  • 300 sheet / 150 pages 80gsm paper weight
  • Leather string

🗿IT'S NOT THE YEARS, IT'S THE MILEAGE: Protect the directions to the treasure that you laboriously copied over from the ancient manuscripts. Durable but soft genuine crazy-horse leather distresses gently with your travels even as it retains its toughness, demonstrating just how far you've gone. You don't care what anyone thinks, but you might as well inspire curiosity with your unique, well-worn journal, and the wry smile you can't help but wear when you remember the journey.

💼 BLACK or BROWN GENUINE LEATHER: Some travelers prefer earth-tones to blend in with the environment, some prefer the dark, rich stealth of an all-black cover. We're just here to provide options. Nobody can judge this book by its cover except YOU. Besides, it's the content you create between the covers that matters. Our wrap-around leather strap also ensures that everything stays wrapped up tight, or holds it safely in that tree while you fight off that attacking grizzly with a bullwhip.

🎒 FITS IN CARGO POCKETS: We don't care what the blogs say, cargo pants are ALWAYS in style. This 5x7x1.5 hand-stitched journal slips nicely into that leg pocket, its weight a comfort. Your diary might grow with your adventures as you add refill pages, or you might pull out older pages and store them away in the quality drawstring cotton bag your journal shipped in originally. Just because that conquest didn't go as planned is no reason to burn the evidence (or is it?)

🚀 ORGANIZED ADVENTURES: Intrepid explorers understand the importance of organization. You can't have your Incan language primer and your native Thai recipes mixed in all willy-nilly. Keep it all straight with 5 separate, refillable sections. Rethreading leather included, along with an integrated pen loop to ensure that your thoughts always have an inky outlet (or a pencil - we don't judge). See? Survival skills.

🗺 WE ARE WANDERERS: Look, we GET you. You've got places to go, people to see, ancient ruins to explore. Or maybe you're an artist, a poet, a writer. Or maybe you just want to FEEL like an explorer as you're taking meeting notes. Whichever, we know how amazing it feels to open the pages of a seriously quality journal and to hold all that potential in your hands. This is YOUR adventure. Wherever it takes you, write it down in a book that will become a treasured keepsake.

( This journal will distress and marks will appear after some use. If over time you want to neutralize the leather surface use a leather wipe and it will blend the marks to back to a semi-consistent color. )

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